Wednesday, December 14, 2016



People don’t get it.

Even smart people don’t seem to get it.

President-elect Trump is not a normal human being. He’s at once both an adult and a spoiled baby.

Government-by-Twitter is childish, a ten-year-old’s response to The meanies who are picking on me.  But with him that’s what you get: an “Is so—Is not” rejoinder to criticism—or implied criticism--whether from the Union Boss for Carrier employees, or the senators probing Russia’s role in the election.     

He’s so unpredictable that even Big Businesss—make that two aircraft manufacturers—have lately turned wary. Of course nobody can guess what Trump will do next. Even HE doesn’t know what his next move will be. The man’s behavior on any given day depends upon who, at the moment, happens to be flattering him. Or conversely, on who might be putting him down . . . though his twitter fans learn “who” soon enough.         

Meanwhile, he’s filling government posts with two kinds of candidates: A. Men like Perry (“Energy”) and Pruitt (“EPA”), who disagree with everything their agencies stand for—or B. People who have zero expertise in the field: brain surgeon Ben Carson (“Housing”),  and billionaire Betsy DeVos (“Education”) who’s never taught or worked in a school.  Yesterday he chose Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State . . . Tillerson who leans so heavily toward Russia he’s reputed to be the godfather of Putin’s son.   

As they’ve been all along, Trump’s “core beliefs” are elusive. But not his personality.  One aspect will never be random--his drive for acclaim. The Carrier workers gathered to cheer for him.  Which means we can now expect tax-payer bribes to CEOs of other notable companies.  At which Trump will always personally appear . . . for the washing and kissing of his feet.     

Think of his recent “thank-you” rallies—and how familiar they seem, with all the campaign-style screaming and audience accolades. He’ll never forego what those mobs do for his ego. Wait and see. In this presidency, such rallies will be frequent.

Unless, with the rebellion of some 20 electoral voters, we can stop this man/child next week, our country appears doomed. America will be led by the world’s most notorious narcissist.  Soon, even those who voted for him will realize that he’s willing to pick a fight with any country or any group—China or our own CIA.  And the only personal trait we can count on is his willingness to lie.        

Friday, December 2, 2016

I'M BEAMING . . . !

I’M BEAMING . . .!  

The news was so unexpected.       

Yesterday, Writer’s Digest, 24th Annual Self-Published Book Awards sent me the review for my memoir, THE TAIL ON MY MOTHER’S KITE.   

(The notice said: “Books are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 meaning ‘needs improvement’ and 5 meaning ‘outstanding.’” )

Here are the memoir's Writer’s Digest ratings: 

Structure, Organization, and Pacing: 5

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: 5

Production Quality and Cover Design: 4

Plot and Story Appeal: 4

Voice and Writing Style: 5 

Judge’s Commentary: The best part of Maralys Wills’ book, The Tail on my Mother’s Kite, is it’s a well-structured and well-organized memoir the reader will find easy to read. Mrs. Wills begins writing about her early years and ends with her journey of how it all worked out. She writes, “When I muse about my mother, I think of the salmon that swims upstream to spawn, and after spawning, with its essence gone and its mission fulfilled, sinks to the bottom of the stream and dies. In a way that’s what happened to our mother. Having produced Allan and me, and then Hillary, and raised us haphazardly but as best she could, her goal in life was accomplished. The best of Mother’s zest was over, the rest a blank page with nothing on it except tracings of misery.” . . . 

Some of the chapters were a little slow in getting to the point of what the author wants the reader to grasp; but overall this is an excellent book. The author’s passion for writing this memoir is noteworthy. Mrs. Wills used specific and concrete words to support what she had written. Her style and tone of writing are noteworthy.” 


THE TAIL ON MY MOTHER’S KITE  would make a great Christmas Present.
Available, autographed, through my website, Maralys.com.

Or by emailing me: maralys@cox.net.  ($10.00 plus shipping)

Or you can buy it from Amazon.

Happy Holidays to all of you!    Maralys