Tuesday, November 8, 2016



Everyone I know is devastated.   

Except for when my two sons and my son-in-law died, there has never been a worse night for me,  at least none that I can remember.

A year ago, in August, I wrote in a blog that Trump’s approach to our country reminded me of Germany,  during those awful years when it was being taken over by Hitler. Years later I read in detail how the intelligentsia of that era could not believe that their fellow citizens would be so blind. But I never imagined, deep down, that it could actually happen here—not to us.  I assumed our Americans were smarter than that.

Sadly, they’re not.  I cannot absorb this, but now I know, as my friends do, that there’s a great mass of  people out there who can’t see what they see . . . who don’t recognize evil when it’s right in front of them.  Who are swayed by bombast, by bragging, by anger, by bigotry, by nasty tweets, by runaway narcissism . . . and are still willing to make that person their leader.

But then most of us couldn’t believe Jonestown, either--that such a large mob failed to grasp the dementia in their leader and willingly drank the poison that killed them.  

Never has such an individual risen to the top of this country . . . at least not that I know of. In fact, how strange it’s been these many months to view someone like him orating from a national stage—this creature without one admirable quality.  He lies, he cheats, he steals from the government, he threatens his victims with lawsuits, he womanizes—and he has a twenty-minute attention span.  If he possess a single trait that qualifies him to be a leader, I’ve never seen it.  Nor have any of my friends.

Except for China and Russia, who are celebrating, the rest of the world is speechless. Like the better half of our country, they cannot imagine where we, as a nation, are headed. They simply know it will not be good.    

Oh, how sorry these voters are going to be!  How bad they’ll feel when they realize that at his core Trump does not care a whit for any of them.  What disillusionment they’ll  suffer when they discover that their icon, at heart, has no sympathy for coal miners, for people of other races, for hungry children, for families living without hope, for cripples, for any of the disadvantaged souls he’s been appealing to.

He doesn’t care, because he’s unable to care.  His own father made sure of that.

As I’ve said in other blogs, the voters who gave this man their trust will soon know what the rest of us have already perceived: Donald Trump cares only about Donald Trump.

As a final lament, it horrifies us to envision the path a nation will take when its leader, and probably the men who will assist him, are devoid of either morals or insight.The ascent of Trump is now on track to equal, in its worldwide results, Bush’s invasion of Iraq.

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